W-Service - Water laundry with a hygiene barrier

We helped reduce costs thanks to the right choice of materials!

A proper selection of materials is extremely important for our customers, therefore the hotel linen rental service, as well as workwear and protective clothing, along with the service, allows you to avoid large, one-off investment expenditure related to the purchase of equipment. Our cost calculation includes the rental of textiles based on their actual demand.

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This is what our clients say about us:

This is what our clients say about us:

BanApart Exclusive Apartments:

W-Service cooperates with BanApart Zgorzelec in the provision of laundry services.

W-Service is a fully professional laundry - a proven and reliable business partne Services are always performed on time and at the highest level. Reliable in emergency situations.

Professional advice and professional service put W-Service laundry among the companies worth recommending.

Yours sincerely, the owner Piotr Suprowicz 18.02.2022

This is what our clients say about us:

Palace Łagów:

The Service has been providing comprehensive laundry services for Palace Łagów Mieczysław Kłak for many years now. With clear conscience, we can highly recommend this company as extremely customer-friendly. The most important feature of W-Service is the stability in deliveries. The quality of the services provided is regularly monitored, repeatable and at a constantly high level.

With full confidence, we recommend W-Service as a recommendable, reliable, honest and competent business partner that perfectly meets our expectations and is appreciated by guests.

Łagów, Mieczysław Kłak 29.10.2021

This is what our clients say about us:


The company has been our trusted partner for a long time and we are very satisfied with its services.

sincerely - chief manager Lisa Ludewig 18.02.2022

This is what our clients say about us:

DfM services for people:

For many years, the W-Service laundry has been a partner cooperating with our 5 care facilities in Oberlausitz.

They wash outerwear and flat clothes for our 350 customers and working clothes for our employees. The quality is very good and the deliveries are absolutely reliable. If we are not satisfied with something, there is a very simple handling and processing procedure. The price-performance ratio is fine. The laundry meets the current hygiene standards and regularly presents us proper proofs / certificates.

Yours sincerely, the owner of DfM 20.02.2022

This is what our clients say about us:

Hotel Am Goldenen Strauss:

Since 2017, we have been intensively cooperating with the W-Service laundry.

The laundry to be cleaned is always delivered in a very good condition. Additional cleanings are ordered without problems and carried out immediately. Deliveries are regular, on time and discreet. Suppliers are quick and attentive.

Cooperation with the W-Service laundry can be recommended at any time.

Yours sincerely, director Ralph Kirchner 09.02.2022

This is what our clients say about us:

Hotel Jan:

We have been cooperating with the W-Service laundry in the field of washing bed linen and table linen since 2016.

We are very pleased with the cooperation, which is going very well with barely any problems. The provided services are always at the highest level, and the quality of the provided bedding can never be questioned. The laundry works very efficiently and flexibly and the customer service is friendly, warm and helpful. We have never thought of changing the laundry service because we know that to find an equally reliable business partner is futile.

We wish further, fruitful cooperation and recommend the W-Service laundry to every other client.

Yours sincerely, the owner Jakubiak Adam 10.02.2022

This is what our clients say about us:

Diocese Görlitz Sankt-Wenzeslaus-Stift:

The Sankt Wenzeslaus-Stift Foundation has been cooperating with Wiktoria company in Zgorzelec for many years.

We are a church house with over 60 guest beds and we regularly give our laundry to the W-Service for regular cleaning. The laundry is picked up from our house reliably and punctually, and we get it back clean and on time. We are very pleased.

And even if there are problems, M Robert Wurszt is a very friendly and honest partne

This is what our clients say about us:

Parkhotel Görlitz:

As a four-star superior hotel with 186 rooms, a well-maintained, high-quality hotel laundry is our most important efficiency criterion.

Our hotel guests expect perfect bed linen in the rooms and towels in the bathroom. This is the main benchmark when evaluating a hotel room and there is no place for a compromise. Especially in today's world, hygiene standards play an extremely important role and the laundry, that our guests have direct contact with, must meet these standards. With your diligent work - from actual guest laundry care to logistics and administration - you play a vital role in the success of our hotel and the satisfaction of our guests.

We are very pleased with our cooperation and would like to continue it in the same stable form for a long time to come.

Yours sincerely, hotel manager Daniela Schulze 02.2022

This is what our clients say about us:


We are pleased to confirm that we are very satisfied with the laundry contract that we have had with your company since November 2021.

Laundry staff is very thorough and the drivers are very responsible, friendly and efficient. Thanks to your wonderful work, our employees are very pleased with the cleanliness of the laundry.

We look forward to further good cooperation.

Yours sincerely, director

This is what our clients say about us:

Senior Center Am Stadtpark:

Since 01/01/2017, we have had a signed contract with your laundry for cleaning our linen (residents' underwear, working clothes, tablecloths, dish cloths, curtains, etc.)

We had an opportunity to visit your plant with our hygiene advisor and to confirm that the washing process is carried out in accordance with our national RKI guidelines. We regularly receive laboratory reports on microbiological tests related to disinfecting cleaning process in terms of their effectiveness.

From Monday to Friday, your employees always pick up dirty laundry on time and deliver clean laundry neatly and hygienically, even on non-working days. Our laundry supplies were always guaranteed, even in difficult situations like the pandemic.

We would like to use this opportunity to thank you for your excellent cooperation. Your services fully meet our expectations in terms of hygiene, quality, communication and price. We can certainly recommend your laundry in 100%. We wish you further success and a very good cooperation with our senior center!

Yours sincerely, manager Torsten Havenstein 17.02.2022

W-Service - Over 15 years of experience!

Services with delivery and collection!

We are the company which for years has been offering high-quality, various laundry services in the vicinity of Zgorzelec and in Germany. Our activity began in 2006 and since then we have been constantly developing to meet the expectations of our clients. We offer comprehensive services of washing and renting hotel and gastronomic linen, staff clothes and old people's homes. Our headquarters is in Zgorzelec.

We are characterized by professionalism, comprehensive and on-time completion of orders as well as attention to a high level of service. We know how important cleanliness is. Immaculately clean tablecloths and bed linen are the hallmark of the interior, and fragrant and soft towels make you feel good while using the bathroom. This is a particularly important aspect for the hotel and restaurant industry, whose customers of our laundry are a guarantee of high quality. We adapt our offer to the expectations of customers, we take care of their time, which is why we collect and deliver the assortment intended for washing using our own transport.

We use the modern machinery of Foltex and Lapauw.We pride ourselves on our qualified staff and high standards of customer service.

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